Trayvon Martin Found Guilty: In late March 2012, seventeen year old Trayvon Martin was publicly tried by members of the news media. He was found guilty of multiple crimes, including: [Read more]


The Sixty-Third Incarnation of Lady Maitraya: Dear Reader: at long last we have evidenced the arrival of the sixty-third incarnation of Lady Maitraya. Her personage has appeared in the form of one Tiffany Geller who was found wandering in the Sonora desert early this afternoon… [Read more]
Hot girl-on-girl action: Lesbian couple facing imminent “bed death” seeks voyeuristic male to watch us as we engage in hot girl-on-girl action in our tastefully yet simply furnished bedroom, and other venues. [Read more] I’m in Hell: That´s right I am in hell! If it were any hotter here I´d be surrounded by demons with pitchforks and this isn´t even summer. It´s almost worth it for me to spend hours on end in the local church just to get out of the heat. [Read more]
Zimmerman Found Not Guilty in Murder of Treyvon Martin